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The durability of the boat and its parts depends on the protection provided over time, so it is important to have the help of parts such as anodes, the purpose of nautical anodes, is to protect at all times the most vulnerable parts of the boat.

This small piece is defined by being made of a metallic material that allows them to absorb corrosion caused by the electrolysis of water. They have different sizes that vary depending on the size of the boat and the surface they plan to protect.

In addition, they are the protective means of the submerged parts of the boats because they absorb the corrosion of the water so that this does not affect these submerged parts and have a greater durability thanks to the protection provided.

The electrolysis is caused by the submission to the formation of an electrical current to metals whose potential is different, causing a constant deterioration that will depend on the nature of the water in which the piece is introduced.

Its work is basically to absorb all the corrosion of the metals with greater potential and prevent them from deteriorating rapidly due to electrolysis. It is for this reason that it is essential to count on the help of the anodes you protect your boat in those points as the propeller, the keel and others.

Maintain the best performance of your boat

One of the most curious data about the work carried out by the anodes is that they can be affected by the level of contamination of the water in which they are introduced, making it much more difficult or easier to carry out the work of protecting the other submerged metal parts.

This makes it very important to have the benefit of a material such as this, as it offers greater durability for the elements of your boat and is of great importance for a boat, absorbing corrosion to prevent them from being damaged more frequently.


The material of which it is made may vary according to the type of water to which it must be subjected.

  • Magnesium anodes are made for fresh water.
  • Zinc anodes to protect parts in salt water.
  • Aluminium anodes are for working in salubrious water.

They vary in size. The type of water affects your work in different ways, just like paint. These are many of the characteristics that define anodes and explain why it is necessary to have their help to protect the most vulnerable parts that are part of a boat. and find it on the market can be very easy.

This is why you can find different models of anodes depending on the engine your boat has, Mercury-Mercruiser anodes, Honda anodes, Jonshon-Evinrude anodes, Yamaha anodes, Suzuki anodes, Selva engine anodes and Volvo Penta anodes. All of them at unbeatable prices. Their characteristics will make it easier to absorb all the corrosion that can affect the parts of your boat. So you can enjoy it with greater durability.

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