Something for classic lovers.

Those who enjoy sailing on the beach coasts of Europe know well that the Balearic Islands are the best places not only to celebrate but also to sail in its calm waters without any problem which many easily love for this.

But many people who visit Ibiza find themselves in the need to rent a boat if they really want to sail in luxury is good to go to the rental agency which has at its disposal a wide range of boats and yachts available to their customers.

From a simple cruising boat like the Kardis K30 or something more elegant like renting a super luxury yacht like the Ferreti 112, this agency has a selection of luxury boats at the disposal of clients who wish to sail around Ibiza. Among the luxury boats for sailing along the coasts of the Balearic Islands is the boat Aldebarán Spirit 41 which blends the elegance of a classic design with everything that characterises a new model with a luxury interior for the comfort of the user who rents such a machine.

rent a boat at Ibiza

Características de ésta lancha de lujo.

The Spirit 41 is a luxury boat for ret at Ibiza island with a retro design that makes many people easily fall in love with its dark wood finish with creamy white interior seats that make a great contrast in the overall design compared to other boat models on the market.

This boat has a dimension of 12.5 meters in length and about 3.6 meters in breadth gives enough space for 12 people in total comfort with a cabin which reflects total elegance and comes equipped with everything you need for a carefree open sea trip.

With a Yanmar diesel engine this luxury boat has a great acceleration for a constant speed of 26 knots with a maximum acceleration of 34 knots to stand out as a super luxury speedboat that many would love to have on their credit for the weekends.

This boat really stands out among a crowd because of its elegance and comfort when traveling because it has everything you need to go out for a while to sail without fear thanks to the high level of speed it has for a moderately old model as it was developed in 2007.

Price and location.

Like many boats used by the boat rental agency, online is moored on the docks of the island of Ibiza where it is maintained to be always ready for customers who wish to rent this Spirit 41 for a stroll along the coast of the island of Ibiza, and for its overall design the Spirit 41 is the common rental for a luxury boat Aldebaran but varies depending on the season, in the low and medium seasons this boat has a cost of 1100 € while the high season scales to 1350 €.

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